“I attempted to briefly consecrate myself in the public library, believing every crack in my soul could be chinked with a book”

-Barbara Kingsolver, The Poisonwood Bible


On Being A Statistic:

Living in the Maze of Autoimmune Disease and the American Health Care System

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The Unfettered Soul,” An invited essay on living and thriving with multiple sclerosis in:

Unfettered Hearts, Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things

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People are saying:

“Cairn McCormack maps the terrains of body, mind, circumstance, and narrative that intersect so confoundingly in the landscape of chronic illness”

—Lisa Kron, Tony-winning playwright of Fun Home and Well.

“Her book is part autobiography, part commentary on our failed healthcare and government institutions, and part education regarding MS. Anyone reading her book cannot help but be touched by her humor, raw honesty and systematic analysis of how our society does not support people with chronic illness or disability”

— Jan Lemmon, PhD Neuropsychologist.

“On Being A Statistic, by Cairn McCormack, is an excellent and inspiring tale of how a scientist has been able to cope with the devastating disease of multiple sclerosis. Cairn easily covers not just the science involved in living with multiple sclerosis, but also writes in a style that is easy to read and keeps the reader surging ahead, waiting for the “happy ending”—even though Cairn makes it clear there is no such thing with this disease.

Her writing style is plain-spoken, witty, and evokes a lot of emotion. This is a great book: well-written, engaging, compelling, plain-spoken—even hilarious in places.

—Bill Worth, editor and author of two metaphysical novels and Outwitting Multiple Sclerosis.